Traffic Offenses In Virginia

With over 30 years experience fighting traffic offenses, we’ve mastered the art of defending our clients. Our mission is to do everything in our power to help you avoid serious consequences.

Depending on your case, we may be able to reduce or dismiss charges where applicable, prevent your insurance rates from skyrocketing, and protect your license. Call us now at (804) 694-1111 for a free consultation to see how we can help you.

Here’s a list of cases we handle regularly and with great success

Pulled over in Gloucester Virginia

Speeding Ticket Defense

Speeding tickets often lead to increased insurance rates, especially if you pre-pay them. When paying a speeding ticket, you can no longer defend yourself. You’ll save massive amounts of money by hiring a traffic lawyer instead of pre-paying. 

Possession of Marijuana In Your Vehicle

It’s very common for a first offense to be completely dismissed by complying with our advice and the courts orders. Subsequent charges or a first charge in Virginia with a charge in another state will complicate this. We’ll craft a defense for you depending on the amount of weed you’ve been caught with and whether or not you have paraphernalia charges as well.

For information on other drug offenses click here.

DUI Defense

A DUI can be devastating to your freedom, finances, and lifestyle. First time DUI’s are an immediate misdemeanor, and subsequent DUI’s can have SERIOUS consequences. HOWEVER, our office is well equipped to help you overcome this mistake and move on with your life. If you have been charged with a DUI, PLEASE call us for your own sake. We’ll answer all your questions and do as much for you as possible.

Reckless Driving Reduction

A class 1 misdemeanor, reckless driving can often be reduced or dismissed. The laws surrounding reckless driving are composed of over a dozen statutes, and we know these laws inside and out. Since every reckless driving case is so different, we pay careful attention to detail to craft the best possible defense for you. Give us a call today, it’s free.

Driving On Suspended Or Revoked License Defense

Like all other offenses, driving on a suspended license in Virginia has consequences that increase based on the offense. This includes fines paid and possible jail time served. Each offense has much heavier consequences than the last, and can result in a permanent loss of license. We know how it works and how to help. Save yourself the headache and call us.

Motorcycle Ticket Defense

The difference between car and motorcycle tickets is that judges often impose disproportionately heavier consequences for the same offense when on a motorcycle. Don’t be a victim of harsher sentencing. As a biker, I watch out for my fellow bikers. Give me a call today and I’ll do everything possible to help.

Ignition Interlock Violation Defense

Ignition interlock violations can be extremely complicated. The consequences of the offense depend greatly on the severity of the charge that put your ignition interlock system in your car to begin with.

We know very well that sometimes you may be nailed for a violation without having consumed a drop. One such case we handled proved our client innocent when we proved that our client’s ignition interlock system failed because they ate pizza prior to using it. We do our due diligence, give us a call today – it’s free!

About Bill Johnson

With over 30 successful years of traffic defense trials, Bill is the premier lawyer for drug crimes in Gloucester and surrounding areas. When your freedom is on the line, give us a call.

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